Saturday, October 25, 2008

IE8 Beta 2

I'm writing this blog from my IE8 beta 2 browser that I installed today. Some self-proclaimed unbiased blog sites reported that it brought a good set of goodies along, and I had no reasons to doubt them. The installation itself was a breeze (meaning only one restart). The goodies I am looking forward to using are the "Accelerators", just a new bottle for the old wine "addons" that can be found under
In the past, these addons were almost 3rd party domain and I would never have a good feeling in the stomach about them. So when MS said "hey come and get these addons from us", I ran with my cup for the free drinks.

So far, i.e., a few page surfs and streaming live TV minutes later, so good. But I've done no real surfing of the kinds I do normally (read: 25+ tabs open simultaneously).

This multi-page stress test, I've seen Google Chrome Beta pass, which is the subject of my next post..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Key strokes on keystrokes

Starting to blog after 6 months of hiatus -- it's like starting a car after its being lying idle in the garage over the entire winter with its battery all but drained out. When the battery"s gone down on you, you need an external battery to rev up the engine and then have the battery charge up while you run the engine...and in a few miles, kilometers, minutes, of relentless revving of the engine, you"ll have your battery waking up from its forced, unplanned, undue, sleep and will respond like a happy puppy. 

For me, the external battery has been the revisiting of regular blogs that I used to visit, Sandesh's blog and Bol's blog. A little bit of orkuting also threw in its worthy 2 cents. And the result: thoughts are concieved, keystrokes are born.  

The hintergrund: Well, I finally have the house wired to the internet here in Germany after 3 calendar months of lading here.  And to get myself to blogging again is like going back to your old city, walking through busy, narrow streets that you used to tread,  and finally, finding that old, small coffee shop where you would sit, talk and resonate with yourself in a crowd of millions.

Another reason for me to get on with blogging out here in the internets is that I need to push myself to blog in the office intranet. I'm hoping that this casual blogging shoe-horns me into blogging technical stuff in my office where the stakes are high, or at least I perceive them to be high.

A jog a day keeps the cold away.  so does a blog. 

and with this, i resume impromptuous.