Sunday, July 12, 2009

Google Wave Preview

Google Wave Preview

I realize that I am way beyond the 2.9 millionth viewer mark on this preview of the Google Wave platform. I wonder why it took me so long to come across this!

I sat through the 80 minute demo with breaks in between....and I'm impressed...and confused.

I'm impressed with the stuff Google is putting out with Wave - really brilliant! Just have a look.

But my confusion is what is worth delving deeper into. There is all this new development that is happening in the internet... Android, Web 2.0, and the works...there's so much of it... and I... am still motivationally and inertially stranded on the desktop, which I love a lot, needless to say. I use the word stranded because I really am beginning to wonder if I do not get on and learn the bits and bytes that make up a web developer's toolkit, I should be cheating myself off an opportunity to get into this fun looking collaborative bandwagon.

Looking at the way the big blokes that shape up computer technology are going, they're really bringing the development platforms for desktop, the web and the mobile, down under one pinning in the form of a development platform that abstracts away the deployment platform. When you have a common development plaform, there will be languages commonly available for programming applications -- it is very likely that these languages are OO languages. While this gets me more relaxed about starting development on such a platform, I strongly feel that if and when something goes wrong on the deployment platform, it is not going to be debuggable or serviceable easily in the programming language you developed in -- rather, it will be in the "rendered" language, which is some web scripting language like javascript, because we are talking html as the final deployment technology here.

So, to sum it up, until now I was subconsciously preoccupied on a low prio thread on when or if I should start playing with web development. I can safely say Google Wave now makes it a conscious preoccupation with medium prio for me!

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