Saturday, July 11, 2009

Which one is right for you? (Win 7)

Which one is right for you?

It appears that I'mma have to stop thinking about an upgrade of my Vista Premium to Windows 7. The link above indicates that for running XP-compliant software on a Windows 7 box, I need to use VirtualPC!! Hwwatt!

That quite throws a spanner in my upgrade works pal! I have a humble 15 month old laptop with a Core 2 Duo wth 2GB RAM -- and you're telling me that I'll have to run Windows XP to run Windows XP programs on Windows 7 ?!? Are you out of your minds?!

LOL, and guess what's the first USP Microsoft is putting up for the Premium Home edition of Windows 7....Record Live TV!!! Is your head swimming?! I mean, why will I do a 49$ upgrade from my Vista Home to a Windows 7 Home, lose all possibilities of running Windows XP programs (yes, the Windows XP Mode as they are calling it, runs only on Prof. and Ultimate Win7 versions) and get a Record Live TV option along with some usability gimmicks -- and the MS marketing jokers think non-agnostic people like me are going to buy it ...right. I'll have to borrow an Eminem verse for a reply, "Comizzon, wu' kinda fizzuckin' presumption izzat!"

So, it appears to me, that unless all this Windows XP mode is NOT the same as running the whole blooming XP itself in a VM, I'm sticking to Vista until the day MS puts out an OS that needs Vista to be boxed up in a window.

Nutts. And BTW, an upgrade to Win7 Professional costs 99$. Exactly...a sack of nutts.

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