Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mr. Obama is cool

Once in a while, when you frequently hang around hiphop websites, you get chanelled to some morally good stuff as well. That's a big find when you're talking about the present state of the culture of hiphop - moral guidance does not fit in there. Parental Advisary sticker does.

So, when I was hopsurfing yesterday, Friday evening, I dropped by a popular hiphop website and found a video of Barack Obama's recent speech (2 days ago) at the annual NAACP convention in the US - the title was "Obama Urges Black Youth To Be Scientists & Engineers Not Ballers & Rappers!".

This under-2 minute clipping to me had, by far, the best statements I've heard from a man from a community where the youth seek guidance - the long ignored African American community. Obama's expectations were heartfelt - yet not to be considered pleaful, they were earnest - yet put in a touch of tongue-in-cheek way inviting the community to take a chuckle at themselves.

I found the video posted on Youtube - the 2 cheerful minutes on youth are the 28th & 29th minutes.

But I urge you to watch the whole video...I'd never seen Obama speak before but this poignant speech from a man about his community moved me. He's a strong character...and cool... by any measure of the word.

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