Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kannada script self test result: 86%

Enthused by Sandesh's post on Kannada script usage, I decided to so do a self test on how much of the Kannada alphabet did I remember after all these years of not using most of them...

There were 50+ Kannada alphabets that I learned in school. Today, I decided to write them down and then see how many would I miss and which ones.

Turns out, I remember only 86% of the 48 official alphabets of Kannada...(Am, Aha, Ksha, Trr, Ghnya don't count I learn, according to this source here.)

I always thought I would not get to a point where I would forget any of the Kannada letters -- so I'm disappointed with my performance. I think I should take up Kannada imposition -- write a blog entry or two in Kannada to teach me a lesson.

But in the meanwhile, I thought of uploading my answer paper for a day when I take this test again, some 10 years down the lane I presume, so that I can check back how my memory fares across years.


Sandesh said...

Hahaha!! Great that you wrote a self test. 86% is great. ksha, tra, jna are examples of ottakshara (Can't get the english equivalents of it right now). I don't know who and why they introduced it to the alphabet.

Also, now, the Karnataka Govt has ruled off the rroo vowel (swara). They say it isnt used anywhere in the literature and hence, not required.

Kannada imposition? Lemme tell you some topics. Write down kaagunita of all consonents ka to La.


Sandesh said...

Also, this might help you in teaching Aditya. Great effort in that direction. =)

Chai said...

thanks, Sandesh, for the updates! Yes, the KaaguNita imposition should be a sufficient lesson for the next 10 years ;-)